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Subject: extra money 2This story contains gay sex, m/m if you are offended or is you are not of
age to read this story then please do not go on any further. This story
is fiction and has not ever happened to my knowledge.Thanks for the response I hope that you like this story and please
continue to send your e-mails.......
So last time I left Scott had just finished servicing Brad and six more
men were waiting best dark lolitas portals and very very willing. So as Brad stumbled to put his
clothing back on Scott looked around for the next volunteer. Just then
Brandon stood up "Yeah I guess I'll go next, and this better be worth the
money." Scott replied with "Shut the hell up and sit down now I'll give
you your money's worth."
Brandon sat down in the chair in front of Scott and spread his legs in
anticipation of Scotts next move. Scott gave him the once over look and
thought to himself "man he's even hotter than I thought." This was
because Brandon was not just hot but he was an asshole. But this worked
well for him because it made him seem like he was just that more wild.
Brandon was not as built nor as tall as Brad but definitely as good
looking. He stood at about 5'9'' and had blue eyes and brown hair. He was
sexy in his jeans that were a little baggy and his preppy shirt that made
him look like he came from the rich part of town (which he did). "are you
going to gawk all day or you going to suck my cock?" Brandon interrupted
with strong irritated voice. This turned Scott on even more and he had
Brandon's shirt off in matter of seconds. His body was smooth except for
in the middle of his chest and down his abs and stomach. Scott took this
opportunity to lick down the hair trail on Brandon's body stopping only
to fondle his right and left nipples. He continued his journey downward
until he arrived at Brandon's buckle. Scott seductively loosened the belt
with one hand as he used the other to massage Brandon's ever growing
crotch. When the belt was undone Scott unbuttoned and un zipped Brandon's
pants revealing silky black boxers. Scott tugged Brandon's pants down to
his ankles and then placing his body in between Brandon's knees he got
into the sucking action and licked an outline of his cock in the boxers.
slowly Scott pulled Brandon's penis out from his boxers taking one hand
up the shaft to slightly tickle him. Then he traced the same path with
his tongue arriving at the top and a slightly large mushroom head. Scott
licked around the tip of the head then again around the bottom of the
head before engulfing the penis into his hot awaiting mouth. with this
Brandon grabbed Scott's head and said "OH yeah that's right bitch you
suck that godly meat and mean it" With that Scott removed his lips and
yanked Brandon's boxers right down to his ankles. Then going back to the
object at hand he took both of Brandon's balls in his mouth and massaged
them with his tongue. Slowly he rose off the balls up to Brandon's shaft
again and once again he licked up the shaft to the top of the mushroom
head. This time when he got to the top he stuck his tongue in the penis
slit ever so slightly but this sent chills up Brandon's spine. With
Brandon in a new form of ecstasy Scott engulfed Brandon's dick whole
wrapping his tongue around the shaft.Brandons hands were on the back of
the couch clenching the cushion as he let out moans and screams of
passion. Scott went up and down on Brandon dick over and over each time
he would wrap his tongue around the shaft and then when he got to the top
he suck primarily on the head. After five minutes Brandon grabbed the
back of scotts head forcing Scott to take all of him. he then forcibly
moved Scott up and down faster and faster screaming "YES YES OH MY GOD
HERE I COME BITCH YOU free videos little lolitas BETTER BE READY!" then with force that lolita 3d incest toon would blow a
hole in the side of a building he came in scotts mouth. Scott sucked all
of the juice out of Brandon and got up off his knees then said "I can
still do better but my prices are just going to 3d lolita hardcore incest have to rise."There are still more stories to come in the future and I hope you enjoy
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